Coffee, Cream and Sugar is definitely a Threelly Aawesome combination. And, how awesome can a blending of a BAT, a ZIPPO and a LIZARD be? Epic, would you say?

Well, actually, G.R.R Martin says  this was his inspiration to create GoT.

Check out one of the Threelly Awesome cel animations for Nescafé Canada. And do not miss the other two: MERMAID AND UNICORN.


02-bat_zippo_lizard Fail Characters (but we love them anyway)

02-batzippolizard_03 bat_zippo_lizard


Client: Nescafé Canadá

Agency: Bensimon Byrne

Production CO: Fieldtrip / 1st Ave. Machine

Director: Ralph Karam

Executive Producer:  Gustavo Karam / Juan Manuel Freire