Sem Porquê


This video clip was created for Esperanza: one of the best emergent musical bands in Brazil.

The project was an amazing experiment for us were we could work and play with live action, 3d, 2d, cel animation and matte painting.

The story is about a space opera in two acts.
The first act brings an alternative reality, introducing a society that depends on resources from other planets, and the decadency of the spatial labourers.
The second part introduces the explored planet – it´s life, resources, and the humans that work there; they are all consumed by spatial matters with psychedelic visuals.


  esperanza01 esperanza02 esperanza03 esperanza04 esperanza05 esperanza06 esperanza07 esperanza08 esperanza09 esperanza10 esperanza11


Direction: Ralph Karam, Alexandre Guedes (Cajinha)

Executive Producer: Gustavo Karam, JuanMa Freire

Producer Co. Asteroide Filmes