ESPM stands for Superior School of Advertising and Marketing, a Brazilian university that is very famous for its creativity and trendiness. Mcgarrybowen Brazil was responsible for the creation of the concept “Awaken upheaval and the desire of transformation in people”, and they assigned us the task of synthesizing this concept in a tv spot, mixing different aesthetics.

On our crazy boat, sometimes called Le Cube by mortals, experimenting and mixing things are the usual thing, and are part of the fun of being a design studio. Now, for this specific project with different styles and techniques blended, we have had an extra challenge that has made everything even more fun – and tough – at the same time.

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Agency: Mcgarrybowen Brazil

Production company: Crash of Rhinos

Agency creative direction: Regi Correia
Creation: Edu Borges e Rodrigo Mineu
Producer: Juliana D´Antino e Juliana Arantes