Meus Prêmios Nick


Dance, monkeys dance!

This animation was commissioned by Nickelodeon Brazil, a videoclipe promo for The Latin American Kids Choice Awards.

“We’re GOING WILD!” was our trigger to use the Nickelodeon twist, unconventional in a funny, irreverent way. No one of the animals are exactly as they are in the real world, everything is turned on its head: unusual textures and funny patterns are here adding lots of personality to our wild characters.


MPN14_60_00001 MPN14_60_00002 MPN14_60_00003 MPN14_60_00004 MPN14_60_00005 MPN14_60_00006 MPN14_60_00007 MPN14_60_00008 MPN14_60_00009 SKETCHES

Nick_Sketch_01 Nick_Sketch_02 Nick_Sketch_03 Nick_Sketch_04 Nick_Sketch_05 Nick_Sketch_06