Coffee, Cream and Sugar is definitely a Threelly Awesome combination. And how awesome can a blending of a HORSE, a RAINBOW and a HORN be? Fabulous, would you say?

I bet  this is the way North Koreans created their own Unicorns.

Check out one of the Threelly Awesome cel animations for Nescafé Canada. And do not  miss the other two: DRAGON AND MERMAID.


nescafe unicorn 02 nescafe unicorn 01Fail Characters (but we love them anyway)

horse_rainbow_unicorn 01-horsespiralrainbow_03


Client: Nescafé Canadá

Agency: Bensimon Byrne

Production CO: Fieldtrip / 1st Ave. Machine

Director: Ralph Karam

Executive Producer:  Gustavo Karam / Juan Manuel Freire